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Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Thirty Six -All Business is Trust Its Not About The Product Its About The People

February 26, 2022 Post Purchase PRO - Seth Stevens & Shawn Hart Season 2 Episode 36
Post Purchase PRO - Profitable Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Thirty Six -All Business is Trust Its Not About The Product Its About The People
Show Notes

This is the post purchase podcast, episode 36, All businesses Trust, Seth and any valuable brand and valuable business is not about the product is it. 

It's about the people, Seth. Welcome to episode 36. 

Yeah, Charlotte. We talk about this all the time. 

In any business, to do a transaction, to make money, you have to provide value to a human. And a lot of times, I know in our industry being Amazon sellers, we kinda forget the humans on the other end of a donut shop. 

We view the order IDs and the transactions that come through as these little digits, and we make some money, but really, you have to build trust with the people on the other end and on the other end of those transactions. Right, John? 

Yeah, definitely, And as I explain that, check your Mike settings, because I think you have the wrong mike. So, what happens is, is a lot of us online sellers. We get a little bit spoiled with the quick and fast success. 

You know, whether we're selling on Amazon or through Facebook ads, and we just tend to focus on creating those transactions after transactions, and you've probably heard me say it before Seth, but to me, when your business is dependent on those transactions every day, it's like you wake up every morning, unemployed, looking for a new job that is a new customer. 

When in reality with just a tiny little bit of nurturing and planning, what we can do is create a real relationship with each customer, OK, and then nurture that relationship or mutual reward, mutual value. 

The customer gets more value from you, buy better customer support, and then they opt in and get nurtured through your e-mail follow-up sequence. Which results in more sales, better paid drinking and higher reviews specifically for Amazon sellers. 

Yeah, exactly. So, just think about any business that you do transactions with, or you do business with, regularly, if there's a trust there, Think about Apple and what you expect from their products and their customer service, and all the interactions that you have to think about, what you expect out of Amazon. And so, the thing that Amazon sellers really ***** up on is that they have an opportunity to build trust with their customers, but they choose not to, because all they do is let Amazon ship the brown box with their packaging, it, Customer opens it up, those, the packaging away. And then that's the last time that they ever hear from you. 

The last time they look at their packaging is the only the only effort you're putting into a relationship, Whereas Apple or Amazon is constantly following up with you as a customer trying to build the trust, trying to come through for you time and time again, so then when you have an idea to make a purchase online, you think, I'm gonna go back to Amazon. That was a wonderful experience. I trust them, you know, that's why you and I shop on Amazon everyday. Shawn is because the trust, I know if I'm not happy. 

I can return the product, but what are we doing as brand owners to instill that trust in our customers? 

So, to give you some example, Xan of things that you can do, first of all, look at the product experience that your customers getting. Look at, the packaging that you're presenting to your customers. Look at the follow up that you're doing with your customers. Look at the support around the product and ask yourself, If I was my own customer what would I want? If I just bought a hula hoop for instance, what would I want to see in that package? What would I want to see supporting that product? So Sean you have any ideas for them so they can start to stew on a way to build a relationship. Even though you're shipping them a product, how can you build a relationship with the customers start building. T