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Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Thirty Seven - The Importance of Social Proof

March 07, 2022 Post Purchase PRO - Seth Stevens & Shawn Hart
Post Purchase PRO - Profitable Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers
Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Thirty Seven - The Importance of Social Proof
Show Notes

Hello Shawn Hart, along with Seth Stephens here, with The Post Purchase Podcast, Episode 37 today, Seth, and we're talking about the importance of using social proof in your business, and your product offerings in your sales, and that sort of things. 

Yeah, guys, every single day, it seems like we're always astonished by the power of social proof and the power of the negative side of it if you don't have any right, Sean. So, we all know that several years ago, there was a big scandal in Amazon where a lot of sellers got shut down, they got a bunch of reviews removed, and they had paid thousands and thousands of dollars to have that on their listings. But why were they paying for that? 

It's because the social proof aspect is so valuable to their business, showing other consumers out there that they're not the only one making this decision. So, Sean, let's dig into the power of social proof. What we can do about it, and the strategies that we use every single day. 

Right. It's so powerful because as humans, we have two things. We don't want to be the only one, and we want to be a little bit lazy. 

So, the more chances that we have to show other would be prospects are buyers out there, that our product has been voted, no as as being feasible for a particular challenge or whatever your product does by other buyers. We all do it, We scroll through Amazon, we look to see who has reviews, we look at the price, we see some images, and we make a decision based on that. I can't tell you said anytime that I've ever gone in and physically read through all of the reviews, all I want to see as a buyer because I know I'm already protected by Amazon. I want to see the other buyers out there, like me have purchased the product. 

We know that we're OK right? 

Now, here's, here's a Let me just give you an expo zay here on the way I like to shop. 

If I'm buying a product that I think is a tiny bit little shady, maybe you might not perform for me. I don't look at the five star reviews, I go look at the one star reviews to figure out what people have a problem with it, all right? So, how can we use social proof in our listing when you're listed on Amazon? 

Obviously first and foremost, get some reviews, some product reviews, some legitimate product reviews, that are natural and organic, you don't want the type, that's an entire paragraph of sales copy, that we all know you wrote and sent to your friend to review, you're right. We want natural reviews, like, wow! 

I can't believe how great this product reforms. I love the customer service, You know the quality is amazing. 

And then, Seth, what about these video shorts, and I know you've always been a huge proponent of how can we use video shorts to influence that social aspect of? hey. 

I'm not the only buyer out there, Yeah. So, videos are even more powerful, and they're even, though the most powerful, when they're obviously not marketing, so that means that the video, a video of your customers actually using your products that are real. So, we've actually looked at the data on the backend of Amazon. 

They can show you how many people are engaging with your different video reviews, the video shorts that are on your listing and the ones that always get the most engagement. 

Shaun, are the ones from real customers that look legitimate, like they shot it with their cell phone in their house, talking about their real experience with the product, because everybody knows that marketers are out there are trying to make it seem like they have reviews. But that's just marketing. 

So you don't have to worry about soliciting these wonderfully studio quality reviews or videos because they just don't work